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The   Center   for   Global   Education   serves   as   a   research   and   resource   center   on   intercultural
and   global   learning.   Our   Strategy   is   to   develop   and   deliver   virtual,   collaborative   learning
projects   to   encourage   mutual   understanding   and   respect   both   nationally   and   globally.     We
emphasize   listening   to   concerns   and   connecting   individuals   and   groups   within   and   across
borders to encourage tolerance across difference to improve our world.
Yovana S.Veerasamy PhD
Director, Center for Global Education
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International Office
AIO   incorporates   volunteering,   friendship,   international   spirit,   creativity,   openness,   and   goodwill.   It’s
about   having   fun,   meeting   new   people,   but   also   about   being   responsible,   committed,   and   courageous.
All   of   this   inspires   and   produces   an   environment   where   together   we   can   change   something   and   make   an
impact at our university, in our country, and, in the long run, in the world
Our Values
The values of AIO reflect the way we dream, work, cooperate, and communicate. Give   and   ask   for   feedback   –   Do   you   have   an   idea?   Share   it.   Our   collaborative   thinking   can   lead
to innovation. And maybe it’s your idea which will drive the change. Get   involved   and   involve   others   –   Don’t   be   afraid   to   take   an   action.   You   like   some   activity   in
AIO?   Get   involved.   Have   new   ideas?   You   don’t   have   to   work   on   them   alone.   There   are   always
people in AIO who will help you. Pursue   the   growth   of   yourself   and   help   others   grow   along   with   you   –   We   wholeheartedly
believe   that   education   is   essential   for   our   future.   We   see   in   all   students   more   potential   than   they
think they have and do our best to help them realize it. Be   active,   creative,   and   open-minded   –   Our   success   is   dependent   upon   active   students   who
explore    new    possibilities,    approach    problems    with    an    open    mind,    and    innovate    with    their
creative ideas. Be    humble    –    We    should    always    be    respectful    of    everyone    no    matter    our    differences.    It’s
important   to   treat   others   as   we   want   them   to   treat   us.   Arrogance   is   something   we   thoroughly
despise in AIO. Never    worry    about    making    mistakes,    but    be    sure    to    learn    from    them    –    In    AIO    we    are
convinced   that   if   we   truly   want   to   learn   new   skills   and   make   a   progress,   sometimes   it   is   inevitable
to   make   mistakes.   We   therefore   don’t   mind   people   making   mistakes   as   long   as   they   learn   from
them. Stay   optimistic   –   It’s   important   to   believe   that   we   can   change   and   improve   things.   Without
hope, there would be no action. Expand    your    horizons    –    In    a    globalized    world    it’s    important    to    understand    people’s
background     and     culture.     So     go     beyond     borders     and     contribute     to     understanding     and
cooperation among the nations in Europe and throughout the world. Believe    in    AIO    spirit    –    Pass    it    on:    Let’s    spread    the    spirit    of    positive    attitude,    goodwill,
friendship, and volunteering all over the world.
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