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Center for Mediterranean Music

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Kyle A. Long
N i c o l e t t a Zannoni Director Passionate with high musical profile and i n t e r n a t i o n a l experience. She has been bringing forward her vision of believing that music is a special and precious language through which we can grow and build together positive contexts. Recently, she has concluded along experience with Barenboim Said Foundation conservatory.
The center for Mediterranean Music, aims to bring together researchers and talented individuals from the countries around the region to engage music research, and to live extraordinary cultural experiences. The center aims to bring the Mediterranean Music to its practical side, considering it as a moment and a place of sharing and enrichment. At our center we want to look at the influences of the different musical styles of the Mediterranean countries and how these styles merged with each other and what they brought. The center wants deep its understanding of the relationship between music and language, and see how the different languages ​​of the Mediterranean have been influenced by music. We want women to emerge through the power of music through researches on artistic and talented women of the Mediterranean.
The Center for Mediterranean Music aims to explore the potentialities of Mediterranean music in its theoretical and practical aspects with the contribution of researches and musicians from the countries around the region. The Mediterranean area has always been a variegated and vibrant context in which the different peoples have exchanged, along with their goods, also their traditions and cultures: the Center wants to follow this line, becoming a meeting place for people from different backgrounds, where they can express and share their traditions through music. The Center wants to investigate the different musical styles of the Mediterranean countries, looking for similarities and differences in our musical traditions, in order to study their influence on each other throughout the past centuries until now. Moreover , it wants to deepen its knowledge and understanding about the connections between music and the different languages of the area: the Center aims to study how the languages​​ of the Mediterranean basin have been influenced by music and, from another point of view, how the different languages have shaped the musical styles of their own areas. Recognizing the strength of music in empowering individuals and communities, the center considers music a powerful tool for telling our personal history and identity, sharing our experiences with others through art. Therefore, it aspires to become a meeting point for making music, gathering musicians of different origins in order to express their traditions and cultures through music. Using music as a vehicle to present our countries’ histories to others, the Center wants to give the Mediterranean countries a voice, especially those who suffer or have suffered violent conflicts. The educational and formative aspect of music and of making music together is also an important part of the Centers’ activities: playing together, is a moment in which people grow together, experiencing music of other countries helps to know and understand identities and cultures. That’s why the Center offers courses and workshops for students who are interested in deepen their knowledge of the musical traditions of this region. The Center encourages young people of the Mediterranean area to connect with each other through music, in order to let them know and appreciate each other’s background, helping them to build positive relationships.
Teach       your       children music. The     one     who
carries          a          musical
instrument    (AUD)    does
not    carry    a    weapon    -
Marcel Khalife -
“This will be the reply to violence and oppressions: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

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